One day workshops  £95  /  10:30am-3:30pm

Maximum of FOUR people _ We are fully vaccinated + Turbo boosted!


OCTOBER   15  /  22/  29

NOVEMBER   5   /  12   /   19  /  26

IF YOU’D LIKE TO COME ON A DIFFERENT DATE that is not listed above, please email us with your preferred dates so we can find a mutually convenient day.

OUR COURSES > As part of your day with us, you can choose to concentrate on either an ADANA 8×5 tabletop platen press or large format proof presses…  It’s up to you!

ONE DAY ADANA PRESS _ All the basics to set up your home studio with your newly acquired Adana Platen Press and essential points on press maintenance.

LETTERPRESS FOR EVERYONE _ The workshop covers the following aspects with one-to-one teaching:

•    Introduction to hand-setting wood or metal type and locking up
•    Printing on a large format Farley or Caslon proofing presses

Students will be able to set and print their own piece of work to take home.

CANCELLATIONS  _ If you booked a workshop and are unable to attend for whichever reason, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance to be able to fill your space, you can book for another date if you paid in advance, just contact us to make arrangements.

*If you require special paper stock you are welcome to bring your own paper, otherwise we will provide all paper and other materials.

You may have a specific project in mind or you may want to come and just experiment, we welcome every level of expertise, and no, you don’t need to be a designer, artist or creative to give it a go.

Please use the details on our contact page to book a workshop with us or email at:


Personalised for the lucky recipient. Please email us for details on how to buy one.

Vouchers have a validity of 6 months after date of purchase, please contact us for details.

We have over 80 metal fonts ranging from 6pt up to 72pt

41 near full fonts of wood type in fantastic condition.

Sets of decorations

2 Tabletop Adanas 8×5

3 Farley proofing presses with a printable bed size of

13.5 x 23 inches (34×58 cms)      20 x 24 inches (51×60 cms)       19 x 27 inches (46×70 cms)

1 Caslon [Potter] Proofing press (40 x 60 cms)

1 Adana TP48 for long runs and editions

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